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Rating the Governments

The Hindu today presented ‘Rating the Governments’ as part of the findings of the ‘State of the Nation Poll’, conducted by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies ( The full page article written based on the findings can be … Continue reading

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Poor Performers

The following are the 20 MLA constituencies which have provided employment to the least number of households.

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MLA constituencies – Employment to the most number of households as per NREGA 2009-10

We have accessed 2009-10 NREGA data from government sources.  We have reorganised and analysed this data along MLA constituency boundaries for Karnataka state. We have used 2008 delimitation data for MLA constituency boundaries. We have considered MLA constituencies where the … Continue reading

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Releasing NREGA 2009-10 data for Karnataka

Over the past several weeks, we have compiled NREGA data for Karnataka from government sources ( .  The original government data is available along gram panchayats.  We have organised it along MLA constituencies. There are 225 MLA constituencies in Karnataka. … Continue reading

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